Mermaid Birthday Party

Mermaids are super fun and make a great birthday party idea. Here are some quick ideas to make your party a splashing good time for your little one.

This sets the tone of your party and also gives you a theme to for the entire event. It provides colors, concepts and tons of inspiration for a fabulous party that will be remembered for years and years. I have you covered at my Etsy Shop for your invitation. I customize these in 24 to 48 hours and they are sent to you for download and printing. Easy Peasy!!!  Splash Mermaid Birthday Party Invitation


With such a fun theme, the sky is the limit for decorating ideas. My daughter had a mermaid theme party this year for her 9th birthday. It was super fun and all her guest had a great time. Here are a couple of ideas to make your space super festive. Most of your decorating needs can be found at Department and Dollar Stores.
– Plates/Napkins/Cutlery: Hot Pink
– Table Coverings: Teal
– Serving Containers: Baskets are super fun
– Streamers: Mix and Match different shades of blue and teal. You can hang vertical or horizontal for super fun effects.
– Balloons can be fun and festive accents as well. I would go with blue or teal.
– Shells, shells and more shells really set the mood. We used the large conch shells and they were adorable. We also sprinkled our serving area with small shells.
– Raffia and Teal Tulle really give a beachy feel to your party area. I mingled the tulle throughout our food serving area and it looked like ocean waves. I also tied the raffia to our cake stand. Adorable!!!
-Fish: Last but not least, we pulled my daughter’s Beta Aquarium out and used that as a centerpiece. It was really fun to show off her pet and bring him to the party. The kids loved it.
No party is complete without a happy birthday banner. This simple project can almost complete you entire decorating theme. Check out the adorable banner that matches the Splash Mermaid Invitation. Instant download, simply print and assemble. Splash Mermaid Birthday Party Banner


Pinterest is the place to go to find super fun food ideas. The key to making your food fun is to make tags/labels/signs for each item served. A few Ideas that I have loved are:
– Fish n’ Chips (Fish Sticks and Potato Chips)
– Ocean Water (Pineapple Juice/Blue Hawaiian Punch/Ginger ale
– Coral Skewers (Grapes on a skewers)
– Blue Lagoon (Blue Jello in individual cups…top with crushed graham crackers)
– Goldfish Crackers
– Oyster Cookies (2 shell shaped cookies/piped frosting in middle/pearl cake decoration)
– Sea Snails (pigs in a blanket)
– Sub Sandwiches (Deli Meat Tray/Veggie Tray/Rolls)

Again, Pinterest is a great resource for fun party games and activities. Here are a few to get you started:
– Paint your own shell kits
– Watch Little Mermaid or an episode of Mako Mermaids
– Pin the tail on the mermaid
– Goldfish guessing game
– Mermaid face painting
– Dig for treasure (similar to bobbing for apples)
– Go Fish

Now that the fun is over, send a gift home with all your child’s friends to thank them for sharing their special day. Some super fun ideas to include are:
– Swedish Fish
– Mermaid Munch (a mix of your favorite goodies)
– Mermaid Crowns (purchase inexpensive crowns and glue shells and beads to them)
– Bag of shells
– Pretzel Rods (Dip in white chocolate and add blue sprinkles)
Use a teal or hot pink bag and add my Splash Mermaid Favor Bag Tag to thank all the kiddos for their attendance.


I hope your mermaid a party is a huge success. Let me know how it goes. I would love to see pictures of my designs in action. Enjoy and remember to Celebrate the life you have been given.


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