My daughter is a collector.  She also loves the outdoors. So her favorite items to collect are things from nature. We have had bags of leaves, tubs of rocks and acorns, precious acorns to name a few. About a year ago she found some really large acorns around our house while she was on another one of her “digs.” As always, she put them in a bag to save. Well, we noticed a few weeks later that the acorns were sprouting. With huge excitement in her eyes she declared she was going to grow oak trees for all of her family. So we carefully planted the sprouted acorns into little cups and began to water. Day after day, she watered the little cups of acorns in her window. Day after day, the acorns stayed the same, not much change. About 6 months into the process, I broke the news to her that I didn’t think we were going to get trees from our acorns. After all, they had stayed the same for the past 6 months and I was really tired of looking at cups of dirt. So we pulled them up and, much to our surprise, a lot had been happening underneath the dirt. An elaborate root system was forming. We quickly covered them back up and she kept on doing what she was doing. About a month ago, we began to see something green, and now we have a baby tree living in our sunroom.


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