Be the Mom God Created You to be

Mom Wars I have been a mom for almost 10 years now…really a decade. Seems like just yesterday, I was walking with a waddle and swollen ankles, full of excitement and fear at the prospect of being a mom. The day I held my sweet baby girl has to be one of the most joyful times in my entire life. In my arms was the little life that had been growing inside of me for nine months. She was part me and part my amazing husband. God had chosen us to create her and she was perfect in every way. That single moment gave me a new definition of who I was and where my life would lead. I was no longer Amy Johnson, Graphic Design Consultant for a major banking corporation.  I was now a working mom.

For months I had been planning the arrival of our not so little bundle of joy. I would be home with her for 12 weeks (had excellent benefits at my job), then I would go back to the job that I absolutely loved. However, the day I held her in my arms, something broke inside me. It was a good break. I KNEW, leaving her everyday in someone else’s care would be all but impossible for me to do.

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