Get to know me

amyjohnson-0016.jpgAmy Johnson….who am I? I am a Christian, wife, mom, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, small business-owner, the boss (that’s scary), artist, entrepreneur…and that’s just the roles I can think of. I am also, funny, shy at times, passionate, great a faking extroversion, energetic, compassionate, very very impatient, a good listener, organized, hard-working, self-conscious, hard-on-myself, and an overcomer.

Who I want to be….a woman with such a strong faith that I am completely unstoppable. A woman that is not bound by fear of the future but looks to every situation with optimism and hope. Someone that has enough life experience and knowledge that is ready at any given moment to help anyone that comes in her path. I want to be the kind of wife that when my husband looks at me he knows he is in a safe place…..he knows that I am his number one fan and that I would move heaven and earth to make him happy. I want to be a mom, who her daughter knows, that I will always be by her side. That there is nothing that she could ever do to change my love for her. When she looks at me I want her to see what a strong woman that loves her Lord and daddy looks like. I want to be the woman God wants me to be!!!

So for all my followers out there…tell me about you. What drives you…who are you…who do you want to be?